Entitled: wishlist


Have you the
overwhelming,and undying
urge to get me a present?
Here’s a handy dandy list of stuff i reeeeeally want, to give you a hand!

(cbfa=can be found at, though can usually also be found in retail stores)
gifts can be mailed to: Arachne's Will c/o Amalthea23 209 gibbs pond road, nesconset, ny 11767

and the best gift of all? the gift of your loving kindness! i.e. cash!!!

why, if you donated to me, i'd be as happy as a dancing gir!
so why don't y'all click said dancing gir, and, as suicidal tendencies once sang: seeeeeeend me your money!

    Ok, just for now, I'm referring you all here: To our housewarming wishlist because really, that's what we both need right now and I'm putting all my toy hopes on the side... when you get there, we're amalthea23ATmac.com :)

    (take out the AT and put in an @, of course!)

    did i make you happy? then click below!

    in the distance:

    injuries acquired:


    Submitted On: 2002-10-14 5:57 p.m.

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