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who are actual human beings with lives!!! these are the people in my neighborhood. they're the people that i meet each day. they are the characters that make up my world, and you might want to get to know them. they are in no particular order....

  • bateman, that's my boyfriend. he's brilliant and as close to perfect as humans get, though as cranky and anti social as myself. we live together by the sea. Well, by the ocean, actually, but the sea sounds more romantic and besides, what's the difference?

  • noodle: that's my sister. she's ten years younger than me at any given moment. she's been dating a guy for the past while that has made her less present than she used to be. she's not yet 25 though, so i'm trying not to worry about it. i miss her though

  • mybro: my brother, keep up.

  • tim: he's a friend from college. we used to have a radio show and he's an all around awesome guy. even his gf is awesome and that's just madness. i'm hoping they move to the island. that would be, well, awesome? he looks like tim on the bbc version of "the office" though he doesn't realize it yet.

  • mushufrufru: mybro's soon to be ex and baby momma. she used to have a diary. she used to do a lot of things.

  • tattoogod: really good body artist i modeled for.

  • ms. osbourne: bateman's mom.

  • bestbud: sse's best friend. he's a god fearing PT, and i like him. he can make a goth girl participate in team sports, and THAT is a gift.

  • Dr. B: my immunologist.

  • the storyteller: my best girl friend at the moment, though he's a guy. we talk online a lot, but don't hang out much.

  • the matchmaker: she's a friend of bateman's and the girl who hooked us up. she's speaking to us again, but still hasn't come to see the house.

  • edward: my oldest friend in the world, and, aside from bateman, my best friend. i met him when i was 13. he was 16. you think on that for a bit. we took him and his current gf in after katrina and he hasn't spoken to me since they left (around november.) yes, i'm annoyed, but whatever.

  • clowny: one of sse's MANY young male admirers, and actually, getting to be an ok friend to me.

  • myneil: my best highschool friend, a really really good guy. he's VERY similar to "neil" from the young ones. he's now living in philly with his wife and a baby we write sometimes now, and i miss him.

  • secretagentfemme: my actual oldest friend, i've known him since kindergarden. he lives in the city and works for the roundabout theatre company. his husband is significantly older than we are, but i've met him and he's a really nice guy. he didn't come out of the closet for a long time. he and his husband live in the cloisters in manhattan and they both really rock.

  • KAS: i was with him for 5 years. he was a selfish bastard. a percussionist. he felt he was better than the last guy cause the last guy beat me up. ignoring someone for 5 years isn't much better though.

  • superjew: friend of my mom's so named by mushu and my bro. oh, how i hate her.

  • lil' bro: sse's youngest brother.

  • middle bro: sse's middle brother.

  • tuesday: she calls me finny, as in a separate peace, and is my friend from high school. we were the closest i've ever been with a female. time has eaten that a bit, but she still makes me feel warm and cozy. she was the giver of the best present i've ever gotten. a little blue satchel of velvet that when you squeezed it, played you are my sunshine. it came with a box of pussywillows, because at the time, i wasn't allowed to have a real cat. she is always loved. tuesday died of leukemia on august 21, 2004 and has left a void that i could not have predicted.

  • mr and mrs chins: sse's friends. they married in may 2002. mrs. chins is VERY sheltered, but doesn't realize it. mr. chins seems as though he was once a fun guy, but gave it up for marriage as some give up chocolate for lent.

  • senor neurotic: a friend of sse's. he's, well, really neurotic.

  • bizarro sabo: a guy i knew in high school and had a crush on for a RIDICULOUSLY long time. he was nice to me then and once he dropped out we lost touch. he has recently hunted me down and we've become actual friends. it's so strange.

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